September 1, 2012
Roger Fisher, a master in the field of conflict resolution died at the age of 90.

September 8, 2011
Werde Teil der weltweiten 9/11 Walks.

September 2, 2011
Come, walk with William and me on 9/11 - around the world

August 21, 2011
The Duesseldorf 9/11 Walk | 9/11 Walks

Join me.

Juli 22, 2011
Installed Lion, Mail is not working

If you just upgraded to Lion and you use SpamSieve with Mail and you do not receive mails anymore, then

  1. Quit Mail
  2. Launch SpamSieve and check for updates
  3. Launch Mail
  4. You find many good mails in your spam folder

After that, everything should work just fine.

Juli 15, 2011
Al Gore and Climate Reality. One Day. One Goal. One World.

Juli 7, 2011
Best website ever!


Kyle McDonald wrote a stealthy app that captures a single photo every minute and sends it to his server if it contains a face. He then went around to different Apple stores around New York City and installed it on the computers, collecting more than a thousand photos.

People Staring at Computers

Juni 28, 2011
In Taiwan kann man Apps aus Apples App Store 7 Tage testen. Da geht doch was.

Juni 26, 2011
Interview: Alice Walker: Always worth reading.

In this interview with FP she talks about her coming boat trip to Gaza Strip.

Juni 21, 2011
Clarence Clemons dies: VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, ... sad.

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